X-Twins Digital
Twin Operation Platform
Product introduction:
X-Twins is a 3D model-based digital twin PaaS platform for process industries and critical utility infrastructure. The product is powered by multi-dimensional visualization core components, a comprehensive tool set to build digital twin, great options for data connection and communication, and an open architecture for system integration. With industry knowledge accumulated last 10 years in the fields of engineering design, digital handover, software system integration service and manufacturing operations, X-Twins is one of the recommended choices for digital transformation projects and enterprise-wide digital twin operation platforms for process industries
Perfect balance of engineering, aesthetics, and performance:

• Quickly load 62 design file formats with model and attribute information as well as additional 12 laser scan data formats

• Built-in rendering technology, enabling smooth AS-BUILT model review and markup experience through browser from ultraportable laptops

• 3D model import tool, model optimization tool and second-level loading design to improve user experience

Ultimate design in compatibility, scalability, and mobility:

• Compatible with popular engineering and design tools, project management software, digital handover tool sets and different types of databases to improve project management quality and production operation efficiency

• It can be integrated with various production monitoring systems, manufacturing execution systems, manufacturing operations management tools to build up an enterprise-wide information platform and eliminate information silo.

• Support on-premise deployment and cloud-enabled deployment, with multiple haccess options, such as PC, mobile, AR/VR device and large screen with multiple monitor setup

Capture real-time status, explore possibilities for process optimization:

• Collect static and dynamic, structured and unstructured, manually entered and system-generated data to provide manufacturing personnel with the necessary status, operational and management information at the right time

• Enable data analysis capabilities in more dimensions such as space (positioning, trajectory), time (current, history, future), and cost, and provide novel visualization solutions to improve management capabilities

• Integrated with more systems such as predictive maintenance, process simulation, and process optimization, the whole system is capable of achieving more intelligent manufacturing goals and value