Smart Field is a construction management system integrating advanced technologies such as IoT, Big Data, AI, BIM and mobile applications. The system assists construction management team with digitalized construction process management which covers personnel, vehicle, equipment, material, environment, safety, quality, construction schedule, progress report and work supervision. The benefit of applying the system includes field resource reduction by 10%, safety performance improvement by 50%, response time to field activity reduction by 80%, contributing greatly to construction progress and quality management.

Smart Field consists of several modules such as project information, labor management, equipment management, comprehensive safety supervision, quality control, progress management, environmental monitoring, intelligent monitoring, material management, inspection task, review and approval, digital site, construction training, mobile apps and Kanban for publicity. With minimum configuration and implementation service, Smart Field is one of the core construction management software systems for EPCs, construction service companies and owner operator companies at project level as well as enterprise-level.

Material Management

Material management is an integrated software solution, specifically for construction vendor and materials’ project lifecycle management, covering activities in design, procurement, inspection on arrival, work package preparation and warehouse operation. With pre-defined standards and single source of data, this solution ensures the availability, timeliness and validity of engineering materials information throughout the project cycle. By dynamic tracking and automatic verification between the project schedule and construction plan, the solution will improve cross function work efficiency, reduce material waste and cost by 5 to 10% along with a reduction in field management resource, which helps capital project team to manage schedule and risks better.

Material management has great openness and compatibility as it can be configured to deploy with mainstream project management tools (MS Project, P6, etc.), enterprise resource planning systems (SAP, Oracle, etc.), and most contract and document management systems.

Smart Document

Smart Document manages massive documents and solves distribution and collaboration problems such as revision control, security access control and transmittal etc. It supports traditional level-based access control as well as more recent role and rule-based access control. It supports efficient sharing and collaboration between internal and external parties securely.

Smart Document has customizable Vendor Document Review and Transmittal modules which are specifically designed for engineers to transfer, track and review documents from upstream and downstream partners.

Smart Document has powerful workflow function to support the document management and transfer across multiple departments and through various processes, ultimately serving as one of the key digital handover platforms for capital projects and later owner operators.