Comprehensive Safety and Security Platform

The Comprehensive Safety and Security Platform integrates GIS map function and safety management module, providing unique features such as personnel and vehicle security, site emergency alarms, and operation process surveillance. It is designed to meet business requirement of integrated safety and security condition monitoring and performance tracking. It helps the leadership team fully understand the real-time status of safety and security activities in different warehouses, operating plants and corporate buildings. The platform also provides analyzed data for EHS people to address safety and security issues timely and minimize the operational risks

Five in One Platform

The Five-in-One platform is consisted of major hazardous area monitoring system, toxic and flammable gas alert system, operation area risk classification and risk management system, operator and working individual location tracking system, and safety operation work process management system

AI-enabled behavior monitoring system

The AI-enabled behavior monitoring system is designed to actively identify various unsafe behaviors in the industry environment, such as trespassing or failure in following requirements. Once these behaviors are captured by surveillance camera, immediate warning along with face recognition result will be sent to the monitoring center to trigger prompt response and prevent severe consequence. AI program can be trained to recognize client required movements in order to recognize unsafe behavior and deliver early warnings

Personnel Location Tracking

The personnel location tracking system is designed to collect and transfer the real-time locations of people who works in dangerous area. By monitoring people’s location and distribution in the dangerous area, the system tracks authorized and unauthorized movements and triggers warnings and alerts according to pre-defined rules.

The data from Personnel Location Tracking system can be utilized to understand work behavior, improve work efficiency and route optimization

X-asset intelligent asset management system
Inspection and Rounds system

By using technologies such as QR codes, IoT and radiofrequency, Inspection and Rounds tool is designed to support digitalized work processes around assets, including inspection and rounds management, warehouse management, work schedule management, hazardous report, maintenance work order management, etc. Various functions in the system can be triggered by scanning QR codes for certain equipment or larger area. The system collects multi-media information about the asset, problem description in words, picture or video clips of the situation, which supports better and prompt decision-making. The further analysis on the collect data and customized intelligent report helps achieve operation excellence in productivity improvement and overall cost optimization

Asset Management System

The asset management system is designed to manage all kinds of information related to production assets, such as manufacturing drawing, inspection record, maintenance record, spare parts, etc. All information in the system is analyzed and processed to form a more user-friendly way to display and support specific work process and user groups. With all information centralized, the system enables instance data sharing and more comprehensive understanding of the asset’s status and history

Predictive Maintenance System

Predictive Maintenance System adopt an innovative intelligent diagnostic algorithm that combines the algorithm from mechanism model and algorithm from pure artificial intelligence, avoiding flaws and limitation in applying just one of them.

Through the intelligent algorithm, the system analyzes the collected data, diagnose the potential problem, and predict the possible failure window, which enables better preparation of maintenance job, reduce unexpected shutdown, and improve operations performance