Unified engineering creates a mutual environment for end-to-end process among conceptual design, FEED and detailed design. The environment handles all process stimulations and engineering design in one-, two- or three-dimensional spaces by providing bidirectional information between design tools and a unified data center. Multi-discipline teams work collaboratively in real time in this environment to improve efficiency, minimize risks and maximize ROI. The environment includes

• A data storage center

• A file update center

• A tool integration center

• A quality control center

• A knowledge center

• A data analysis center

Technical Features

The object-centered design mode in unified design is a revolutionary shift from the traditional document-centered design mode. This guarantees the consistency and accuracy of multi-disciplinary data, improving design quality and efficiency.


• Enable 3D design in almost all engineering disciplines, including process, piping, building, structural, automation, utility, HVAC, electrical and support etc.

• Enable real-time work collaboration at multiple locations, design platforms and different types of client devices

• Support design process collaboration with data exchange, data sharing, intra and inter-disciplinary problem clarification

Enable hotspot and verification between two- and three-dimensional design, including the consistency check of process flow direction and logical relationships in 3D layout arrangement

• Enable calibration of 3D design models according to relevant specifications and collision detection across multi-disciplines

• Integration with other design system, such as general arrangement design tool

• Integration with data analysis system, such as process simulation tool and pipe stress analysis tool

• Support management of engineering standards and customized design specifications

• Support engineering process management and project documentation management